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A chiropractor IN Lafayette, CO.

At Lafayette Chiropractic we focus on unleashing your inherent potential to repair, rebuild, restore, and revitalize your health with the aim of increasing your strength, stability, and resilience, so you can have a more fulfilling life – one that can withstand adversity and bounce back stronger.

As a chiropractor in Lafayette, CO, Lafayette Chiropractic treats a variety of musculo-skeletal issues from minor aches to severe pain with over 25 years of experience. We’ve made it practical and affordable to have chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle by providing high quality service at low fees. We offer Diversified, Drop Table, and Activator techniques to provide safe, comfortable, and effective treatment plans.

While many of us wish there was some sort of magic spell we could say to get and stay healthy, we also realize that getting and staying healthy and pain free can take some effort. Lafayette Chiropractic can  provide assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal symptoms, patient education for injury prevention and lifestyle enhancement, and lifestyle counseling.  Our in-house SPINE-RESCUETM program can help you to regain flexibility, re-build strength, and establish stability so that you can experience resilience in your health.  We look forward to meeting you and hope to help you live… better too!

How Lafayette Chiropractic Can Help You

  • We listen to you, your concern, and health goals to see how we can best help you!
  • We have specialized training to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate sport and traumatic based injuries.
  • We diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions.
  • Sensible treatment plans address your symptoms and encourage an active lifestyle.
  • We work with medical doctors, lawyers, and other specialists to best meet your health needs.
  • Our thorough and high level services are offered with convenient office hours and affordable fees.
  • Chiropractor in Lafayette, CO


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