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For years scientific research has supported the many health benefits and cost effective results of chiropractic treatment.  Community Chiropractic acknowledges that while all health treatments have a level of risk associated with them, we are educated, trained, and licensed to identify and avoid these risks when performing your thorough examination.  

People Like Chiropractic Care and Find it Effective. - In 1989 The West Journal of Medicine published research from the Gallup Organization found that 9 out of 10 people who had chiropractic care felt it was effective.

Chiropractic Care is Effective On a Variety of Conditions Originating From Musculo-skeletal Problems. - In 1990 the British Medical Journal stated that chiropractic manipulation is effective for neck, back, sciatica and headache problems.  

Chiropractic Care is Cost Effective. -  In 1992 The British Medical Journal stated that a one year follow up study found that chiropractic care is cost effective.

Chiropractic Care is Scientifically Valid. - in 1993 The Ontario Ministry of Health published a report that supported the safety, effectiveness, and scientific validity of chiropractic.

Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance is Cheaper Than Most Car Insurance Premiums Due To Low Injury Risks - The insurance company NCMIC stated in “Current concepts spinal manipulation and cervical arterial incidents” the following: “Damage can occur to the arteries of the neck.  Such damage has led to or contributed to serious complications, including permanent impairment, stroke and death.  Research suggests that these serious events occur in fewer than 5 cases per million treatments - .0005% risk of stroke or death , .0001% risk of disc herniation.”

Compare This To: Only 1% of all spinal cases (like fractures, dislocations or certain nerve damage cases) can benefit from surgery, and surgery can cause more problems than it solves. (1994  US Department of Health and Human Services  - “Understanding Acute Low Back Problems”)

The US Department of Health and Human Services endorsed the use of chiropractic treatment. -  In 1994 The US Department of Health and Human Services endorsed the use of spinal manipulation (chiropractic care).

Medical Associations Support Chiropractic Care. - In 1995 Journal of American Medical Associates (JAMA) stated that the use of chiropractic manipulation is an effective method of care for spinal cases.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Athletes. - For example In 2008 the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics stated that many golfers have conditions amenable to chiropractic care. Golf related discomforts: Back 26%, Foot 11%, Shoulder, 9%, Knee 8%, Neck 6%, Wrist 4%, Arm 3%, Other 7%.
        - In 2 years there is a 60% spinal surgery failure rate. In the Medical Journal “Spine” in 2009 research  was published which stated: “Conclusion. Ten percent of all patients will require a repeat “rescue” surgery with no assurance of benefit. So the prognosis for 10% of this population is repeat surgery and for 50% of the population at 2 years, a clinically important loss of disc height (with a higher probability of increased pain). At two years, that is a combined 60% failure rate! “

In the USA there are about 40000 deaths in car crashes every year (see http://www, That suggests that if you drive the average amount for 50 years (reasonable assumption), your chances of dying in a car are roughly

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